proposed site for  TMG development

proposed site for TMG development

The formal application to move forward with the semi-massive redevelopment of CPMC’s nearly 5-acre California Hospital Campus at 3700 California Street has just been submitted to San Francisco’s Planning Department.

While the Planning Department’s review of TMG Partners’ preliminary plans for the site had “strongly encouraged” increasing the density of the development beyond the 240 units of housing as preliminarily proposed, the formal application for the development calls for a total of 258 units of high-end housing – including 14 new single-family homes and 244 multi-family units – spread across 31 new buildings rising up to seven stories in height on the southern border of Presidio Heights.

 tmg preliminary development drawings

tmg preliminary development drawings

Keep in mind that the majority of the campus site is actually zoned for development up to 80 feet in height. But in the words of the project team:

The Project plan embodies the “Neighborhood Vision Plan” developed over two years with a Vision Advisory Committee comprised the leaders of many local neighborhood associations from the site vicinity. In addition, numerous small meetings were held including informal neighbor in-home meetings, and meetings with local community leaders. A neighborhood survey was conducted to determine the preferences of neighbors regarding for land uses and overall project composition.

In addition to the 31 new buildings, the existing 9-unit residential building at 401 Cherry would be retained and renovated along with the older part of the existing Marshal Hale building at 3698 California Street which is to be converted into residential use.

While Planning had also encouraging the project team to build far fewer off-street parking spaces than the 373 as preliminarily proposed, the formal plans call for a total of 393 spaces, including 2 spots per single-family home.

Or as we foreshadowed, the encouraged reduction in parking was a change which “the existing neighbors (who would face additional competition for street parking) and TMG Partners (which would face lower values for the high-end units which are built) [were] likely to oppose if not simply ignore.”

And no, the development does not include any retail or office space as proposed.

Appeared in the Socket Site December 14, 2017